I have always loved the thought of guests coming to stay at our house for more than one night. Even though we live in a smallish type of house (ok...so looking at the kids run through the sprinklers in one of my last posts....showed the gigantic houses around us...but we built ours ourselves and it is smallish) we are looking forward to it filled to the brim with 9 smiling people. Seriously, I cleaned out KaiPie's room just in time. And I love when parties are planned or guests are coming because it makes you clean out not just the bedroom, but the bathroom cupboard and drawers, the linen closet and game closet, the refrigerator, the office, and snack cupboard and every other little thing that is behind closed doors......just in case it might get opened! It also means a towel rack will finally be installed in the front bathroom and Kaia's stairs will be nailed to the wall! The things that get done when guests are coming! Yipee!

The Peterson Family (aka Brielle VonStetten and her family) are coming to stay for the week. In fact, we leave for camping this morning, they arrive on Saturday night to our smallish, quiet house, and they get to greet us when we come home on Sunday. Sounds so much fun huh?! YES!!! In fact, Brielle is making us dinner on Sunday night upon our return. All the ingredients for her mom's baked ziti are on the counter/fridge and ready for her. It was her request to cook for us and so thoughtful of her! I am so excited to get to know her rodeo husband better and her sweet kiddos. And they have an 8 month old which means......baby in the house! We are going to have fun. I love last minute surprises! I really do.

We're off to dirt bike ride and camp with 6 other families for the weekend. I'll be back Monday sometime to share photos of our camping trip and of our house guests! Love to you all and Happy Weekend.

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  1. Hey, April! Let me know if when you're 51 you still clean all those things for company. If so, then I'm really gonna feel bad because for me it's pretty much down to the bedroom they'll be in and the nearest bathroom! Ok, maybe a little more than that, but not much.

  2. Ooooo...what a blast! I love that girl! Have fun with your house guests. :)


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