early morning start...

riding by noon!

riding with my best friend....

getting ready for the family ride with friends

BBQ chicken...

and asparagus (oops...meant artichokes) for dinner !

Smores for dessert!

Campfire fun!

Kaia rides!

and rides!

Blake chose to ride his bicycle this weekend!

Look at that wheelie!

Little family of pigs.

Going out for one last family ride.

The pictures show just how much fun we had. It was relaxing and fun. Kaia rode her dirt bike ALL weekend....at the track and on trail rides with her daddy. Blake rode as a front passenger on daddy's dirt bike and he said that they went fast. We had a little family of wild pigs visit each day. We had beautiful weather and when we got back home we were greeted by the cutest family who will be staying with us for a week. Just look what Kamden and Aspen did to Kaia's hair within 30 minutes of being home!

We are going to have fun this week. My kids already played hooky today from school just to hang out and tomorrow we are off to explore San Francisco!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast!!! Dirt bike riding is so much fun! I feel so greatful to have grown up doing that with my family and am eager to do that with our own family!

    I have 4D pictures of Baby J up on the blog today if ya wanna take a peek~!

  2. Kai's awesome. I didn't know she was hardcore like that. What a cool chick. All sweet and stylish and tearing it up on the dirtbike in her spare time. you go girl.

    and how cute is Zoe in her little bed!

  3. The hair is rockin'!! :) Can I have that little doggie? It looks like you all had a great time.

  4. your kids are the luckiest kids in the world, you guys are always doing the coolest things and seems like your always having fun!

  5. That all looked so fun!! I wish I'd been able to go dirt bike riding when I was growing up! Actually, scrap that, I'd love it now too!

    Saskia x


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