It started out with a little gift from one of Kaia's friends.

This recipe.

and this bag of starter mix.

We mushed for five days, then and added flour, sugar and milk on day 6
and then mushed for four more days (never refrigerating).

Then, following directions, we placed contents of bag in a non-metal bowl....
added more ingredients.....
separated starter mix into 4 more plastic bags.....
added next 9 ingredients.....

and poured into pans to bake......

They smelled so yummy while baking and tasted delicious.

We consumed both loaves......
Handed out three bags to friends to continue the tradition.....
Kept one bag for ourselves.....
Will be making two more loaves on Wednesday.....
And handing out three more bags to friends!

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P.S. Happy St. Patty's Day......remember to wear your green!


  1. Yes, I've been mushing away and get to bake my bread tomorrow. Thank you Kaia for sharing your "friendship" with me :o) Oh, and I'll be sure to wear my green today ~ NO PINCHING!

    Love, Grandma Shari

  2. I love my Amish bread....it's sad when you realize...you don't have a starter anymore....

  3. I have been mushing my bag and every day when I have to let the air out I almost want to throw up smelling the sour milk...ugh...but cannot wait to bake it because your little teaser taste made me want more! Can't wait...and to think I wasted my ALL green shirt yesterday. I'm going to have be creative in finding something green. Have a good day.

  4. Love this stuff.... we have been playing with it for weeks... and experimenting too!

    Our favorite versions? Leave out the cinnamon, use lemon pudding and some lemon zest! Make a littel Lemon juice & powdered suger drizzle. Second favorite... use chocolate pudding and add a yummy like chocolate chips or peanut butter chips...

    So yummy!

  5. Oooh I love love love Amish Bread!!!

    ((sigh)) I dont have it anymore though :( Wish I would've kept a bag for me... but with moving and all it just had to be brushed aside.

  6. Gretchen,

    I'm definitely trying the lemon version. I CANNOT get enough lemon anything these days! Yummy.

  7. we love amish bread too! bet you did not know I lived right in the center of amish country back in Ohio??? (just for a few years as a child)..anyways I have some starter in the freezer, I should get it out! Not sure how your recipe is but NO metal utensils and mine is for cinnamon and using vanilla pudding. other good ones are lemon pudding and poppy seeds, butterscotch pudding and chips, chocolate pudding and any kind of chips and also one using coconut but I cannot remember which flavor pudding to use????
    Have fun and yum! where is my loaf??? LOL

  8. this stuff is SOOOOO yummy, we had it go through our family a while ago. uuuummmmmmmm

  9. I freaking LOVE this stuff. The crunchy cinnamon on the outside. Warm, with some butter. Sheesh...I may have to begin my own little starter!


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