what it will cost us for the ticket Dave just got

for talking on his cell phone

while driving.

(yes, he knows it's against the law and yes, he has a blue tooth, but was driving our employees truck for one quick errand and his phone rang.......BUMMER.)

lesson to be learned.....IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.

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  1. Oh bummer! I wish it was a law here though-I've had lots of near misses with people chatting on their phones oblivious to the world around them.

  2. Argh! How annoying he got a ticket for a 2 second call. Although I can tell you how annoyed I get when I see people here still on their phones. However it's when they're driving like jerkfaces that I get mad. I've had to do the 2 second answer...

  3. OUCH! I didn't think there was a fine for a "first offense." I have to admit I've been a little lax about that myself lately. Lesson well learned. Sorry it cost you though. Dave, hang your head awhile. :o(


  4. If it isn't a phone directly on their ear, it'll be a phone in their lap while texting....or an iphone on the internet...or a book they're reading as traffic putters along. Not that I've ever had a book open while driving...I wouldn't do that. Nor would I drive with my knee while eating with one hand and reaching in the backseat to hand a kid something either. I wouldn't do those things.

  5. Hey April,
    Erin got one here in town and it was only $88. Maybe Dave will be as lucky. When Erin got his he ran a stop sign, wasn't wearing a seat belt and on the phone. Only gave his a ticket for the phone!


  6. that is SOOO annoying, that sucks too $200? John's first thought would be that's 200 whopper jr's HAHAHA that really is a huge bummer though, lame!

  7. I thought it was like $25...wow 200. Did you say who called? Was it you?

  8. OK, I am a cops wife and got a $140.00 ticket for "asking" why I got pulled over and then arguing with the officer about it...I am still irritated!!! Sorry about your misfortune, it happens to the best of us!!

  9. Heather, I cannot believe they gave you a ticket! Also a cops wife I got pulled over last friday night ( I was mortified!!) and it was such a lame offense, failure to use my turn signal...it , was 10 at night, I was coming off the freeway and was in the turning lane and nobody behind me...lame! anyways long story short as soon as I told him who my husband was he gave me my license back and let me go, its a professinal curtosy...that sucks you didn't get that!

    And April that sucks! LOL thats a lot of aprons to sell to get $200!!!

  10. Woah!!! It is a great law and I wish we had it here... Sorry Dave:(

  11. oooh, they raised the price!! my sister got one right after the law went into effect and it only cost her $90 (which is still a lot!).


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