So here is how I did it. I had 38 entries plus a few of you that needed me to count you twice for linking me. Thank you. That made a total of 41 entries. I have to say this was one of my funnest giveaways just from the comments I received. I tried to visit most of you and wish you luck! Some of you with newer blog formatting I wasn't able to leave a comment because word verification wasn't working. Susan and Gretchen you were two right off the bat that I can think of that I tried on more than one occasion to leave you some comment love! I truly appreciate the support you all offer me through blogging. But back to how the number was picked.

I went to Random.org and entered numbers 1 through 41 and let them pick the number. If I had to pick the winner it would have been too difficult. I want you all to win. Maybe I just need to do more giveaways! But I have to admit I was secretly hoping that Rochelle would win just from her sweet sweet comment..

Rochelle said...
Count me in, if I win, you can give give it to your Mom because Mom's deserve to win sometimes!

I just thought that was so touching. But so were so many of your comments. So that is why I just go to Random. And.........drum roll please.........

Guess who won.............

"Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:11

Timestamp: 2009-02-25 15:48:10 UTC"

MY MOM....all on her own! She didn't even need Rochelle's generosity. Congrats, Mom. I couldn't be more happy. And since I decorate your house for you.....I know just where I will put it!

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  1. Now that is just the way it is suppose to be. I love it. Great job Random.Org for getting the moment right.

    Moms do deserve it. So ironic. Rochelle's big heart was a great reminder for me to think bigger and better :) This concludes a happy moral of the story giveaway.

  2. Yeah. I am excited for your Mom. I always love reading her comments!

  3. YAY!!! Congrats April's mom!!! As sad as I am that I didn't win... it couldn't have gone to a better winner! :) Moms do deserve to win!

  4. So I suppose being a mother has moments that make it all worth it, huh?!?!? Congrats, Shari on your awesome win!

  5. Yeah! A mom gets what she wants: ) That pretty much made my day.

  6. Oh that's how it is huh? You want SWEET comments! I liked my, "It's mine" !!!! No wonder I never win. {hahaha}

  7. How sweet is Rochelle. LOL at Amy-I feel ya!
    Yay for your mom, that is cool :D

  8. So for those of you that I didn't get over to or left funny...coveting comments! I loved your comments the same and I really did try to leave comments on everyone's blog....but that night my husband was requesting that I prove to him that I did love him more than my blog as my Valentine Card said! I had to oblige....he was going out of town. Sorry!

  9. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! I'm so excited that I won!!! Can't believe it. I wonder if the fart story had anything to do with it? I was a VERY good sport you know. Did you tell Random.org so I would have a better chance? And Rochelle, you were always one of my favorite Young Women. Now I know why :o) Thank you April for such a fun giveaway. Can't wait to see where you put it, you deco queen!

    Love, Mom

  10. That's just about the sweetest {and most ironic} thing ever! Congrats to your most deserving mom! And a special shout out to Rochelle for being so selfless!

  11. How AWESOME!! Congrats April's mom :)

    Come back and try to visit my blog another time April! Maybe it will be nicer then....

  12. HAHAHAHAHA!!! and everything is at it should be :) that is the coolest thing i've heard in a long, long time!

  13. You decorate your mom's house? How sweet. I wish I could just magically wave a wand and have all the money and time to do decorating right. For now, I'm lucky to get anythng vacuumed, let alone looking cute. :) Good work to your Mom.

  14. Huckle Buckle Beanstalk on my nightstand. And cute how you moved the "always kiss me goodnight" deco. Thanks again ~ when's the next give-a-way?

    Love, Mom (Manager Of Many)


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