After a father's priesthood blessing, a prayer from a child and a pleading of a prayer to a loving Heavenly Father from a mother, kaia was finally able to go to sleep last night.

She has been fighting a cold for the last week or so with significant ear pain the last two days. Two nights ago she woke in the middle of the night crying in so much pain. Some motrin was given and she went back to sleep. But last night motrin was given, tylenol was given and the pain was not going away. She was still two hours away from getting any more pain relief through medicine and she was up crying at 1:00 am because she couldn't sleep. I nudged Dave and suggested a father's blessing. He lovingly placed his hands on her head and blessed her with comfort and peace and a good nights sleep through the prayer he offered.

I then told Kaia that she herself should offer a small prayer letting Heavenly Father know that she had faith in Him and the blessing she just received.

I then got on my knees, curled up in bed and pleaded with Heavenly Father to hear her little prayer, to offer her relief from her pain, and to allow her some sleep {which would allow us all some sleep} all while increasing her testimony in prayer, faith and Him.

With no further medication, Kaia slept on the floor besides my bed, wrapped in warm fluffy down, until 8:30 am this morning. Our prayers were answered and she came to me this morning and said Heavenly Father heard hers too!


  1. So special. These miracles go a long way toward building a testimony for all of us don't they? Thanks for sharing. I am so glad she feels better. So grateful for the priesthood as a mother. What would we do without it??

  2. This story is so tender, what a great idea to have her pray right after the blessing to let Heavenly Father know she heard the blessing, etc. What a great story. I bet that built her testimony so much. You're so great April...I know if you lived here we would have the time of our lives together - even if it inly consisted of watching the Bachelor and Top Chef...HA. Miss you girl, Laura T.

  3. It's good to hear she's got some sleep. It goes a long way toward healing. Prayers answered!

  4. What a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing.

  5. ...and so it should be. We have these gifts at our disposal and seldom do we call on the great healer and comforter.
    Elder Von Stetten

  6. Thank your for teaching my granddaughter the gospel and the power of faith and prayer in her life.

    Love, Mom

  7. Oh man, things like this make me so happy. She is learning to trust in Him and that He really does hear us. SO great!


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