Never Bring Home a Kennedy or a Sorensen.

In our church youth group, there was a wild group of boys that, of course, most of the girls were drawn to. They pushed every limit…just enough to make any parent or youth leader just a tad bit nervous. They were the hottest things going and we were definitely interested in them. I dabbled a little with the Sorensen boys, was friendly with the Granthem boy, and was completely into the Kennedy boy.

It was not uncommon to hear in my home, from my mother, to never think about bringing home a Sorensen or a Kennedy, which made it even more tempting.

I was not allowed to date until I turned 16, which also meant ‘hang out exclusively’ or ‘plan an activity’ with a boy that was like a date. I was 14 and my girlfriend and I were planning on taking the bus downtown to buy Valentine items for our friends. We just happened to mention to the Kennedy boy and his friend, Charlie that they should meet up with us downtown at a specific store, at a specific time. {Now….later in the story…I will completely deny that admission…but since I am an adult now and can’t really get into trouble by my mom…I will admit to it now!}

All four of us arrived downtown and hung out for the afternoon. A great time was had by all and we forgot a little bit about time. When we realized that we should probably get heading home it was approaching dusk. We all four got on the same bus, knowing the boys could transfer to their correct bus at the next bus stop. About 15 minutes into the bus ride it became apparent we had all gotten on the wrong bus. It was getting dark and I knew our parents were all going to start worrying. But what I was really worrying about was getting onto the right bus and then having to walk home alone in the dark from the closest bus stop to our house…which was a few long blocks away and included a very dark road. The boys quickly decided to be gentlemen and split up to stay with us. Charlie would get off the bus with my friend Christine, and the Kennedy boy with me. They would walk us home from our bus stops to make sure we arrived home safely. In the meantime, I was able to ask the bus driver to radio into the bus station and have them call our parents to let them know we were safe, had gotten on the wrong bus and that the bus drivers were meeting up to get us on the right bus to get us home.

By this time, the Kennedy boy’s mom, who knew her son was meeting up with us downtown, called my mom to see where the boys were. Oh no….was I in trouble. But I had no idea she had made that phone call. I thought for sure when I walked in the door with my knight in shining armor by my side…who delivered me home safely…who we had “just happened” to “run into” while shopping downtown, would bring great respect from my parents for this boy who I had been forbidden to bring home. Surely they would have a whole new understanding for my love of the Kennedy boy that I was about to walk through the door with.

That was not the case though. We did walk home together very closely on that long dark road….chatting and laughing. As we walked through the door the laughter quickly turned to embarrassment as my mom pointed to the Kennedy boy and said, “You sit down here…your mom is on her way to pick you up.” And pointing to me, said “You go to your room. You are in big trouble.”

I never brought a Kennedy boy through those doors again….at least during Part One of our love story. He stopped by the house a few more times…but we met up down the street!

The Kennedy Boy.....Late Summer 1986(Skateboarding competition...picture taken by me.)

Oh and Part Two of bringing a Kennedy home is probably one of the funniest stories you will ever hear of a mother re-meeting her daughter’s boyfriend EVER!


  1. That doesn't look like Dave at all!

    I love your stories. Keep um coming.

  2. I love your stories!! You guys have great history!!!

    And really great photo!!!

  3. I am loving this love story. Keep it comin'.....

  4. Yes, love it! It's fun getting the goods from the past. Are you sure that's Dave?? Sweet pic.

  5. OK April and Christine..do you think your moms were stupid? We confronted you - we knew you knew the boys would be part of your little excursion. You could deny it all you want - BUT WE WERE MOMS - WE KNEW!! LOL LOL
    And I do remember the pointing the finger bit, and let me tell you, David Kennedy sat on my couch and didn't move until his mom got there to pick him up. LOL more!
    Great story ~ And I'm sure all your friends want my comments to these stories :o)

    Love, Mom

  6. I want to keep reading Shari's views of the stories. I remember Jeannie K. telling me things that she knew, and how Mom's knew everything. I think what we thought we were all getting away with is the funniest thing ever. Apparently, our parents knew everything we did, and laughed at us as boys sat on our couch waiting for their Moms.

  7. I love your entire blog (as well as your other two!), and your love stories are so fabulous. Can't wait for the next installation: )

  8. yes that is a picture of me! P.S. has anyone ever told you that you are a stalker? The t-shirt is creepy.

    Love Dave

  9. Hunny, I wasn't stalking...I was in love.

    My uncle made me a t-shirt with Dave's picture on it to sleep in. I just told Dave tonight. He thinks I am a stalker. I hope he doesn't remember that I also stole one of his pairs of jeans and hung them up on my ceiling above my bed. That might be stalkerish.

    But because we married that so isn't considered stalking?! Right!

  10. Two words for you


  11. AWESOME picture!!!! can't wait to hear part two!

  12. LOL!!!! i never had the guts to ask my mom HOW she knew some of the stuff she did when it happened! i think i need to make the list of instances and have that conversation! isn't it funny how naive we were in thinking we could absolutely keep them in the dark? HAHA!!!

  13. I had to go on this morning and show Jeremy the picture of Dave skaetboarding since we were talking about it last night. I had so much fun!


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