Almost done with Part One. Hope you are enjoying it! It has been great reminiscing!


Imagine my excitement as I stood in the church parking lot going over my 9th grade class schedule with friends and the Kennedy boy’s mom tells me that the Kennedy boy is going to be in my 2nd period photography class!

We started school and learned all the basics of rolling film and picture taking in our photography class and it was finally time to enter the darkroom. Once inside the darkroom there were two smaller little closets with doors for actually rolling the film into the processor container. Of course, I always invited the Kennedy boy into the room with me so I could help him roll his film. I was really good at it and could do it fast but I never let on to the teacher that I was fast because I wanted to leave time for a little kissing in the darkroom! The Kennedy boy and I shared quite a few kisses [after our first kiss in December] in the darkroom that 9th grade year.

10th grade came around and imagine my excitement when I found out that the Kennedy boy and I were sharing the same photography class again that year. The only thing different was that he had a girlfriend that time around and I had a little thing going with the Simmons boy in 10th grade. But I still took him in that darkroom every time we needed to roll film. I would lock us in the closet….start rolling my film…then his film…praying he would have enough guts to kiss me in there. I have to say that the Kennedy boy was loyal. He didn’t kiss me in that darkroom. There was closeness, a lot of flirting and touching of hands…but he wouldn’t cross the line with a kiss even though we both wanted to.

I joked with him during Part Two of our love story that I all wanted in 10th grade in that darkroom was a kiss. He told me he had a girlfriend at the time. I told him I was well aware of that but what he wasn’t aware of was the fact that I was willing to keep it a secret and never tell a soul! You should have seen his face as he realized what he had missed out on.


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