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Laundry.....one load per day is all it takes. All it takes for me to keep my bins empty and our drawers full of clean, fresh folded laundry. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO DO?

I have tossed the whites that are in the dryer three different times on three different days now......uuugh. They even came out of the dryer, thrown onto the couch to wash and dry a load of jeans and are now back in the dryer tossing AGAIN! I should probably just fold them this time...huh?

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  1. ((sigh)) a girl after my own heart... I have the same load of whites in the drier that have been fluffed 4 times. I have promised myself that they'll be done tonight. And the only reason is because I have 2 other loads to do. Mind you I dont do laundry every day - it's just the hubband and I - but I have vowed to not let it pile up. If I dont get these whites done and put away the pile will begin... oh dear... why do I hate to do laundry?!

  2. NO MORE LAUNDRY!!! Why, oh why, can't it just wash (and dry) (oh...and fold) (wait...and put away) itself?

  3. so I shouldn't tell you that I had a super productive day yesterday and got ALL of the laundry in our house done? Even the unmetionables, and the load od stained stuff that needed dyed?... Yay me :)

    Oh, and did I mention that there are 6 of us so I almost NEVER gert caught up on laundry??

  4. AMEN. I cannot get over how clean my house would ALWAYS be if I just did that little bit everyday! It's my way of sticking it to the man, I suppose. You know how I hate being told what to do!

  5. Ok I'm a rebel, a misfit, a weirdo. I have one day for laundry. I do it all on Wednesday. I hate thinking about laundry every day, there is so much that is "every-day worries," (for example, dishes. This list is long.). Once a week. And 6 glorious laundry-free days in between!

  6. Yet another reason we need to be friends. Laundry is my nemesis. HATE it. The most. Of anything. The really funny thing is that I worked in the BYU laundry room while I went to school there. Maybe washing all those football players jock straps did me in forever......if you figure out the secret, let me know. ;)

  7. That is SO me. I just now folded the "tossing load" that dried 4 times with a damp towel before coming out and going in drawers. Sigh.


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