The Kennedy boy finally got up enough nerve to go back to my parent's house during Part Two of our love story. We walked through the back door and sat ourselves down at the counter in the kitchen. My mom was busy working in the kitchen but stopped to chat for a few minutes and get re-acquainted with the grown-up version of the Kennedy boy that she had so sternly sat down on our couch a few years earlier after our bus ride home.

Mom was leaning on the counter chatting away when she decided to announce to the Kennedy boy that she needed to use the restroom. "I think I need to use the restroom," she said out loud. "Mooommm," I replied a little embarrassed. "That information did not need to be announced," I quickly added. Mom giggled a little and decided that yes, she did need to use the bathroom.

As she walked toward a pile of magazines in the family room she announced, "I think I am going to need a magazine," with a slight smirk on her face. My face was now turning a little red, not necessarily out of embarrassment, but a little out of frustration that she continued to feel the need to keep announcing her plans to our guest.

But what happened next will go down in history as the coolest ever future mother-in-law faux pas. As she bent over to pick up the magazine she would take to the bathroom.....she FARTED. Out loud. The Kennedy boy laughed and I turned bright red as I yelled, "MOM." She looked over at us and said, "Oops....I better hurry to the bathroom."

Dave thought that was the best thing ever and told everyone at work the next day what his girlfriend's mom did the first time he went over to her house!

So there it is...the funny story. Thanks Mom for being a good sport and letting me share! And my dad also had his moment with Dave too.....the week before we were getting married, my dad said to Dave, "You must be desperate if you are going to marry a laughing hyena." So I have a funny laugh....it is just one more thing to love about me. But c'mon Dad...I thought you were trying to get rid of me, not keep me there at the house any longer!

I just realized that this is my 250th post! Yeah and wow. I think it will be time for a GIVEAWAY on Monday. Stay tuned....it is something pretty! Happy Weekend.


  1. Oh my gosh! Please tell me your mom's name isn't Joni and she's not really my mother!? Seriously... they sound like 2 peas in a pod. She still does that around CJ and we've been married almost 4 years... together for 6 years!

  2. I knew your parents were cool...but to pull that off...Shari....YOU ROCK!!!

  3. OK...let's set the record straight. Our family farts! (Well, not my husband who thinks we are all disgusting.) It's just the way it is. I didn't intentionally fart in front of David - although if I was trying to scare off that Kennedy boy it might have worked :o) The best part though ... and I remember this clearly ... when I turned and looked at them on my way to the bathroom the look on David's face was awesome. I knew I had scored!! And I also liked him a little more. Aren't you grateful April?


  4. side slitting laughter, that is so funny. and you have a great laugh, for the record.


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