But if I were I think I would be a beer drinking gal. White wine has been linked to cancer in women....did you see that come out yesterday in all the papers? Anyways....back to me. Even though I don't consume any alcohol.....ever.....I do enjoy me some shots! And that's what I call them........SHOTS!

1. A SHOT of whipped cream at least once a day...straight from the can.

2. A SHOT of chocolate chips around that time of the month.

3. A SHOT of brown sugar anytime I bake. Actually make that two shots....the first one usually crumbles a bit and I need more!

4. A SHOT of cookie dough.....heck is a whole batch still considered a shot?

5. AND a SHOT of Diet Coke....just enough to swig it around and get a little boost!

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  1. hahahaa!!! I love your shots! :) I think it's Chilie's that has those desert shots. The red velvet one is my fav. Heck anything red velvet is my fav! LOL!!

    PS - NO I did NOT get my load of whites done. (hangs head in shame) I'm so upset. Although, I did go to church and had a very spiritual and great time with my hubby. So that should count for more than my STILL unfinished load of whites right?? I think I will do it tonight... I'm in serious need of doing 2 other loads. I think I need help... Is there a laundry haters anonymous?

  2. Hey April,
    I came home last night and looked around to see if my birdie dish was a "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk." (now you'll have to explain that to everyone). I still can't believe that I won! Hurray for Random.com - my new best friend :o)

    Love, Mom

  3. When it comes to cookie dough...I'm a total binger.....I need a help group for that I think....

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only shotcrazed gal around! :)

  5. Haaahaa! I've been waiting for this post... are you sure a bowl full of whipped cream count as a shot, too? While you're debating that question, please excuse me while I go take a shot!

  6. A few people know how much I love brown sugar. I don't even have to be baking to go have a shot of it. I LOVES IT!

  7. I am a non-drinker as well and it is refreshing to see that there is someone else like me! Not that I have anything against people drinking the occassional beer or glass of wine but I do not drink, alcohol that is... Give me a carmel machiatto (decaf, non-fat, upside down :) anyday! Your shots are seriously making me crave some cookie dough now! Not good! Hawaii is in less than a month!

  8. I already ate the cookie dough, sorry. And um...is an entire glass full of regular coke considered a shot? If so, I'm good on that too.

  9. Never mind...I see that you said ROPE. Duh.


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