I'm making chocolate chip cookies tonight.....strictly for the dough! I danced my butt off last night and my inner thighs are on fire....dough cures that right?

[thanks for all the encouragement with the ballet class...it went well and felt good!]


  1. Yay! I can post here again. Yes, dough cures all ills..that is until your butt starts resembling dough..but we aren't going to go there! Enjoy! You deserve it-that was a super brave thing to do!

  2. Cookie dough cures all. Really. It's like a true fact or something.


    Glad you had a good class!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. dang, i meant to put this on my "about me blog" I do not like dough. blah! but I love cookies if you baked any up I'd be happy to help you out with those.


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