.....for a few reasons!

Yesterday was so much fun being interviewed for TV!

I got my hair done!

Well does the guy brushing it away from the microphone count?

And they did my make-up! Total celeb feeling.

I mean the guy brushed a little loose powder on my nose to take away the shine. Totally counts!

And it really felt STARish to have them say, "We need more hair light in the back!"

Lights, camera.....action!

Kaia even got to join in the fun! I pulled her out of school for an early lunch and the camera crew filmed us eating at the counter.....two Squeeze Burgers with cheese. At one point they even pointed to me and asked me to dip my french fry in ketchup. So I did!

P.S. Because I know Kelly wants to know.....what did I wear? Well I was told to wear something solid and dark. So I wore one of my cashmere criss cross v-neck sweaters in brown. The v-neck helps minimize broad shoulders and the rouching from the criss-cross hides a little pouch of a belly and creates a smaller looking waist! We will see how it looks on camera. I so bad wanted to pretend that I was on the red carpet and while walking by them say, "Michael Stars Cashmere"...as in answering their question...what are you wearing?!


  1. LOL! You are so funny, glad you had yet another star moment. You are practically on the A-list! Will we be seeing you at the Oscars? Can't wait to see your moment in limelight, cheese, ketchup and all :)

  2. So now I will have TWO famous people commenting on my blog!


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