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My brother called me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I could chauffeur him to his doctor appointments in San Francisco on the 23rd. He tempted me with the shopping that was available just a block south of the hospital on Fillmore Street. I happily said yes and thought to myself, "a whole day with my brother...that will be nice." The tempting wasn't necessary, but a nice perk.

I picked him up at 8:30 am yesterday and we started our date! We have hung out a few other times in public, just the two of us, and it is always awkward when you think that people might look at you as husband/wife instead of brother/sister. In fact, one of the last times we were together they asked us if we wanted to open a Banana Republic credit card and we quickly cleared the air that WE WERE NOT husband/wife! It was funny, but awkward.

But yesterday was fun and in between appointments we did a little shopping and never felt like we needed to clear the air. It really was the best date with my brother ever. He treated me to lunch and Starbucks and we had fun laughing, joking and talking. I think the best thing that happened though was when he was treating me to lunch. We both ordered and because I had never been there, I was a little awkward with the menu and asking for his suggestions. Kind of like a first date. Then he mentioned to the girl at the counter that he would paying. I quickly chimed in with, "Oh...so this is our first official date...you're taking care of the bill?" With that, he got all flustered and fumbled with his money and dropped his loose change on the floor. Instead of trying to clear the air that we were just brother/sister we had a good chuckle as we went to find a seat.

I got home at 5:00 pm and realized what a nice day I had had with him. It was good to talk and laugh and share with the little kid that had shared a bed with me until he was 5 because he didn't like to sleep alone. So, Jason....when is our second date?!

P.S. A little info about the picture above taken in April of 2008. My brother is fighting brain cancer and while he was on a very strict diet he was missing out on eating meals with others or going to lunch with friends. So I decided I would have lunch with him one Thursday a month and eat whatever he was eating those days for lunch. I had a dream earlier that week that he had died and I was devastated that I didn't have any pictures with my brother. I told his wife about my dream and she told me to bring my camera to their house when I came for lunch and she would take a picture. Well, Char and I were giggling the whole time she was trying to take the picture because we hadn't let on to Jason why I wanted the picture. It was so morbid, but I had to have a picture with him. When I had lunch the next month with Jason he made a funny comment about me not wanting a picture of this lunch. Char and I finally shared about the reasons for the picture taking and my dream. My schedule got busy and we didn't have lunch together much after that. Jason jokes to this day, that I got my picture and stopped coming for lunch! Love you J! Now that you are eating regular food again....we can go out anytime.


  1. what an amazing story....and what an amazing brother you have...and he an amazing sister...only having a sister...I can't imagine people thinking you are married....it happend once with my cousin and me....and he totally played along calling me honey....hysterical....

  2. Thank you April for spending a special day with your brother.

    Love, Mom

  3. What a great picture. I am assuming your brother is doing well?

  4. Awwww... that's so sweet. My brother, Kyle, cam with me to a newborn Dr. appt. for Kaitlin because Jimmy was working. Kyle and I both kept saying things like, "You're great UNCLE!" or "I'm such a lucky guy to be here with my NIECE" Yeah, we were both weirded out! By the way... I got an email from SITS! I will be a featured blogger soon!!! I guess I'll have to put them back on my sidebar and start commenting my behind off!

  5. Aww looks like you guys had a great time. I wish my brother lived closer so we could do the whole lunch date thing. :)

  6. What a charming story, April. :) You just made me want to see my siblings and take some pictures together. But I'm sooooo happy I didn't have to share a bed with either of my stinky brothers!

  7. Lovely story April. I hope your brother's doing well. x

  8. Great pic and nice day. Since your Mom commented on our Africa blog a few months back, Jason has been in our prayers. I hope all are coping.
    On a side note April, check out our new post and see what a predicament I got myself into!
    All the best,
    Elder VS

  9. That is a beautiful picture, and I am glad that you have it! My brother often times gets mistaken for one of my children...which is very awkward because I would have been 13 when he was born!! Thanks for the reminder that life is precious, my brother and I don't have a close relationship - very strained in fact - but today you made feel a little softer towards him. He also slept with me for the longest time..lol.

    I hope that your brother stays healthy and strong for a LONG time!!

  10. Hope all is well with your brother!! What a sweet story. I'm so glad you were able to spend a great day with him.



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