We interrupt the on-going love story to bring you a different type of love story.....The Kennedy Family's love affair with all things sushi! And when I say 'family'....I mean ALL of us.

Mommy and Kaia love the seaweed salad....yum!

Blake loves himself some miso soup with white rice. And we all order sushi rolls. Last night...the kids ordered California rolls and hubby and I ordered a High Roller, A Mermaid Roll and A Mt. Hula Hula. Never heard of those? Probably not. They are all speciality rolls at our local sushi bar, Sushi Mambo. It was delish. We are officially in love and have been for some time!


  1. Oh how we miss sushi Mambo:( Fungus among us is super yummy! My whole family loves sushi too even little Graham!! I am so craving it right now and they say don't eat raw fish when you are prego, do we think Asian women stop eating sushi when they are prego???

  2. You lost me on this one... A sushi eater I am not...

    More for you! haha


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