Especially when I'm the winner!!!

The stars must be aligned for me because Stephanie over at SpunkyTeddyGraham held a fantastic giveaway for her 100th post and I won. Guess what I won? A complete dinner prepared and delivered to our home for our whole family. And I'm not just talking a regular dinner...no...this is a fancy dinner from a professional chef! Dinner will be served tomorrow afternoon in our home, where we have invited her family to join us. I will set a pretty table and I WILL POST PICTURES OF THE FOOD! Lucky me.

And then...if that wasn't lucky enough I was also a winner of The More Love Giveaway that took place over at Lovely by M. M is such a doll and I enjoy reading her blog. Can't wait to show you pictures of that little package that will be coming in the mail. It is handmade ear candy that will be coming just in time for V-Day! Yeah...lucky me again!

P.S. Love story to continue on Monday!


  1. Congratulations! You are indeed a lucky girl. I look forward to the EYE candy :)

  2. You really do have all the luck!


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