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Here on my family blog I have been enjoying flip flops, freshly painted toe nails and short sleeved, flirty shirts. It is down right unseasonably warm here right now. It is making me want to get my backyard freshened up and outdoor furniture ready to be lounged on....but I know it is only January and it is premature. And just so all you Midwesterners don't boo me in the comment section...we are expecting rain sometime in the next few days. =(

Now head on over to Butterflies and enter to win something Spring-y for use during warmer weather which is surely to come and stay for a good while!


  1. You're in CA aren't ya!? haha!!! It's been oh so fantabulously warm lately. I do miss my little bit of winter though!!! I mean seriously, we wait alllll year for SOME cold and well... looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer!! Smelled like rain when I left my house today, but it sure wasn't cold! I dont even ahve a sweater on today!!! Pants (boo for work) and a top. That's it. No sweater! (ducks from flying objects thrown by midwestern-ers)

  2. April, to your request for music for Sunday listening:
    Just about anything by Kurt Bestor, Clyde Bawden, Sam Cardon, Merril Jensen, (all great LDS musicians) Sound tracks from the movies 'Out of Africa', 'Dances with Wolves' and 'Shadowlands' and the soundtrack to the Book of Mormon videos, as well as either of the first 2 CD's by Secret Garden. This will be a great start, usung any of these, to bring a gentle spirit into your home.
    The work is hard and satisfying.
    Elder Von Stetten

  3. Just stopping by to tell you I've left you a little present over at my place...come by and get it when you get a chance....

  4. oooh- you have she & him playing!! love it!

    your butterflies are gorgeous!!


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