We had a wonderful weekend. It was one of those weekends without much planned. Dave and Blake went to work for a little while on Saturday morning tying up some loose ends on a few of his jobs. Blake was in charge of the mini shop vac...he loved being daddy's helper. Kaia had a lazy Saturday as she started feeling better...in fact she never changed from her pjs all day. I got caught up on my apron orders which felt really good. In the afternoon, I joined Dave and Blake on a job shoveling rock and sand from a driveway to a trailer. Boy do my arms and shoulder blades hurt today....but I was excited to get some exercise and help Dave cross off one of the many things on his to-do list. I reminded him that I am not afraid of hard work...it just isn't always my first choice!

The highlight of our weekend though was our date night. It felt like it had been so long. For awhile we were getting babysitters all the time because the kids were too young to go with us to a nicer restaurant....either too noisy, too tired, or too much of a distraction. Now that they are older it is so easy to plan family outings that we had gotten away from our traditional date nights. We went to dinner at Ristorante Allegria.....YUM! We both ordered the filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Normally, we don't order the same, but we both wanted their melt in your mouth steak....and it did! We then headed off to the movies to see "Yes Man". It was good! The best part of our date though and something that always excites us at an Italian restaurant is when there is paper over the tablecloth. For us....it becomes a "working date". Not in the business sense, but in the household sense! We used my whole piece of paper planning out first our "little remodel" I am wanting and second our new garage organizing plan which involves emptying all cupboards and rearranging the layout to create a clean open garage.

You see.....according to Dave, the garage organization has to be completed before the remodel starts (which is reworking our home office area by opening it up to the family room. With our children on the computer more, I am wanting the office to be more accessible and since we have rented office/shop space now and in combination with the kids in school, I am not needing the privacy of an actual office as much.) So garage mode it is....because I WANT the walls down in my house! I'll be busy this week getting my pile cleaned up, pictures taken and most of it listed on Craigslist. I heart Craigslist.


  1. Yeah for Date Nights...what are those again???...and yeah for the little remodel...I so need to do that....

  2. Allegria is our favorite! The warm cabbage salad and the teriyaki skirt steak. YUM

  3. Hey girl,
    Where have you been? I've been to visit you five or six times and you won't come and see us in Africa? Wow. Maybe you won't be in the will after all...
    Elder VS

  4. Yum!!! That looks so good!! I am excited for your rennovations. If you need help with the garage from a former professional organizer, I'll see if I can pencil you in...

  5. P.S.- LOVE the title of your playlist!!! Make sure you're wearing sugar shoes :)

  6. Yay for a great date!!!! That food looks freaking amazing.


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