Being Rock Stars yesterday was as a little harder than we expected. We had to take cover a few times to disguise ourselves from the Paparazzi (at least that was what we told ourselves)!

Lynnette covered up in the rental car shuttle from the airport. And I took cover at the airport. And then we both had to get creative in the airplane because the Paparazzi were even following us home!

You should have seen all the Paparazzi following us on the highway driving from San Clemente to San Diego to get back to catch our plane last night. The headlights were blinding even from behind!

OK....so it was just traffic! But we did have a fabulous time yesterday with lots of laughs. We started with breakfast at La Galette Crepe place right across from the beach.

This was our view....at 10:00 am....it really was a beautiful day with full sunshine.

Lunch was 3 rolled tacos from Pedro's Tacos.

Highlights were done! And some shopping. And a pedicure. And as we were walking off the plane back in Oakland and talking about our little purchases and AMAZING deals we found, we realized all our purchases had a little something in common and the conversation went like this.

Lynnette: "ORANGE you glad we went to Orange County, April?"

April: "Why Lynnette, yes I am!" "ORANGE you glad you went to San Clemente?"

Lynnette: "Yes I am."

April: "Lynnette, ORANGE you glad you got your toenails painted ORANGE?"

Lynnette: "NO....it is horrible and I will be painting them as soon as I get home. But glad I tried something new today!"

April: "Oh good....because that ORANGE is really bad....too neon!"

But we did end up purchasing almost everything orange today. Take a look! We were both even wearing ORANGE!

YEA.....I thought you would want a close-up of the fabulous work done by Aja! Golden, caramel highlights! And no more gray....yeah!


  1. YAY for the perfect hair do!!!
    Gotta love highlights done CORRECTLY on a brunette! From one brownie to another... I feel ya girl!

  2. Loving your highlights, they look great! There's just nothing like having them done right is there? You guys looked like you had SO much fun. I am jealous of the sun, the pedis (you can pull off the orange Lynnette), the fact that it is warm enough to show them off.. and the fact that you were obviously having so much fun that you were crying with laughter. I love that sort of girls day out! I'm so sorry about the paparazzi! Aren't they a pain? I can barely get to the grocery store these days... I am off to watch ET, I'm sure they covered your trip :) :)

  3. What a fun post to read. Love the pic of the sunshine. I can't wait for summer. I am trying to get in shape before it gets here. Your hair looks great!

  4. The highlights look great. What a fun adventure. Yea for girl time.

  5. totally jealous. love the hair and the new goods. Sounds like an awesome trip except for the flying which sounds like crap.

  6. First and foremost- you gals look GORGEOUS! Second, I was one of the paparazziI'm so glad you never saw me behind that palm tree. Third, I am so jealous! you rockstar, you!

  7. Hey everyone! That's MY gorgeous daughter!!!!

    Love that girl ~ Mom

  8. That sounds like a wonderful trip to be on. Glad you ladies had fun! (hair looks great! I can't do bangs, but yours just look RIGHT.)

  9. Lovin the hair....I can see why she is worth the trip....and those tacos....could you send some out to NJ...we don't have good tacos out here...just taco bell...and that can't even be considered edible most days....and I loved your comment....It had me cracking up...cause I completely can relate....


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