I got this for completely FREE! No shipping and handling, no tax, no surcharge.....FREE!

It is in caviar...a pretty black sparkly color! I have wanted one for a long time. I even asked for it for Christmas, but it wasn't really in our budget this year so I crossed it off.

I remember hearing stories of old of items people got with their "blue chip stamps". I specifically remember a Brady Bunch episode where the family saved enough "stamps" to purchase something at the special blue chip stamp store only to get to the store and the boys wanting one item and girls wanting a sewing machine...the children fighting...and then if I remember correctly the family held a card house game against Greg and Marsha. Whoever won, got to pick their choice! Marsha won, if I am still remembering the episode correctly {which I should...I grew up watching re-run after re-run}. They got to the store right when they were closing and the store clerk remembered them well and was not thrilled they were there. When they got home from their shopping spree the showed the prize and it wasn't a sewing machine...but a new TV for the whole family to enjoy!

I personally have never experienced a blue chip stamp moment (too young), but I do remember walking through the grocery store with my mother and oowing and awwing over the dishes that you could choose should you earn enough points with grocery store receipts! I dreamt of the day I would pick my set of dishes for my very own kitchen!

Well I really have wanted a Kitchenaid mixer for awhile now. I have never loved the price tag though. I did get one for my first wedding, but my ex-husband insisted on returning it for a VCR player instead. I was bummed, but agreed that we would get more use at the time from a VCR player. He got the VCR player in the divorce, actually he got everything...I wanted a clean, fresh start.

So I had crossed off the mixer from my Christmas list when I realized that it was not going to be allowed in the budget. I really wanted to get Dave his "want" item...he works so hard for our family and I wanted that special item under the tree for him. I used our budget for that gift and decided to wait until next year for mine. Imagine my surprise when I checked an email for our "thank you rewards points" attached to our debit card. I knew it was there...but hadn't checked it in over a year. I had 50,000 reward points. I quickly looked up the mixer...it was 43,500 points!! Woohoo...I called Dave, ran it by him....and "clicked" purchased it for FREE!

It came a few days after Christmas. It was so exciting. I went around telling everyone my "blue chip stamp story". Now I just have to get the guts to use it. For some reason it intimidates me. I think I need a real life demonstration at my home....anyone interested?!


  1. Okay, I'm super jealous of your mixer!!! I really want one... my mixer is about to crash on me. Congratulations on your beauty!

  2. April,
    The beautiful maple cradle that has cuddled my three children and nine grandchildren was from the Blue Chip Stamp store! Did you know that your first bed was from Blue Chip Stamps? When I had a baby shower, before you were born, everyone brought a gift plus a book of Blue Chip Stamps. Voila ~ baby cradle!!

    Love, Mom

  3. CONGRATS! how awesome! I got my mixer for my wedding and it is the most amazing appliance I have. It is so much fun to bake without getting messy!

  4. Start with chocolate chip cookies, April! Get your favorite recipe out, (or use the one off the back of the chocolate chip package if you have no recipe), and you can't go wrong! Cookies have never been easier. I think I made cookies every day or every other day when I first got my mixer. As fast as we could eat them.

    Now I use mine to make home-made bread every other day. I don't buy much bread from the store, because making my own is so easy, and WAY cheaper too!

    Have FUN with your new mixer!

  5. I just made cup cakes with mine. They are in the oven now! You'll LOVE it!

  6. Pick me! Pick me! I'll help you make somrthing fun in your mixer!

  7. That is so cool! I use my kitchen aid weekly, the girls use it too, so jump in don't be afraid!!!!!

  8. I just got one too...and posted about it! I love it!

  9. I want to know what credit card you have that gives such awesome presents! I want that. I would love to come and teach you how to use your mixer too. Stephanie and I can take turns, or better yet, lets all do it together. How fun!

  10. Yeah for you! I love rewards cards. They are the best.

  11. WOOHOO...you will LOVE this baby!


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