Blake decided Wednesday that he was going to be "my gentleman" for the day. He opened and closed my car door ALL DAY...it was the sweetest thing...a little time consuming but sweet. I asked him if he was going to keep doing it from now on and he told me that daddy can when he is there. I thought well you will probably have to remind daddy to do that...it hasn't happened in awhile....it would be nice though once in awhile again....and maybe a date night too...we have gotten away from those and I miss them.

So Saturday is going to be date night. January 10th....hunny if you read this, be ready at 6:00 pm. I'll pick you up then and the night will be planned. February will be your turn!

Happy Weekend....Happy Date Night!


  1. What a good guy...being the gentleman....and yeah for date night....Juice and I finally made a date with a sitter for next week...our first date since Pooh was born....and he got word yesterday he's leaving for Spain for 20 days....go figure.....so I guess I'm looking for Feb. too....

  2. Do you need a babysitter? We're available!

    Love Mom

  3. I am glad to see that your son is learning how to be a gentleman at such a young age. That is so important in this day. I think some of those simple gesture are lacking in our modern-day culture. Some day a young woman will appreciate that you allowed your son to learn the importance of being a gentleman.

  4. What a cute boy! Why can't we just video tape their whole life...not a single memory would be lost. :)


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