Looks like there is a new style out this spring for jeans. Here's my take on them.....

Ugly. No thank you.

Those are pegged. No thank you.

Too baggy, bad roll job. No thank you.

Just....No thank you.

Yes Please!

Perfect combination of cuff, rips, wash and shoes! Even the shirt looks like it is cute.


  1. I'm with you....I left tight rolling back in 1992 where it belongs....the last one...super cute...and large cuffs...give an illusion of straight legs...which is good for my after baby hips....yeah......

  2. I really hope the pegged look isn't coming back...how on earth are my kids going to get their skinny jeans to peg...just awful!

  3. Really? All those other pictures are in style? I'm starting to veer further away from the trends... does that mean I'm getting old?

  4. I think I've officially crossed over to the "old people" world. I was telling myself the entire post (except the last picture!) what on earth are these kids wearing these days!?
    ((lets out a heavy sigh))
    Mirror mirror on the wall... I am my mother after all

  5. Yes...those pictures were all found on Nordstrom's website under New Spring Jeans....I freaked....until I saw the last picture!

  6. OMGosh you have got to be kidding. I think this will be one fasion phase I will pass on.

    And the shoes I would break my frickin neck!

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog.

  7. just wait till next year when you are wearing them all.. guarenteed.... a few fashions i used to think would never be in my wardrobe... high waitsted ANYTHING.. leggings... Skinny jeans just to name a few...

  8. Seriously? I am NOT wearing pegged jeans ever again! And, while I realize that heals make my legs look longer, and at 5'1" I need all the help I can get, I also realize that when I bite it and break my granny hip (because if this style is coming back I am obviously old now!!) I will not look so stylish! What is next???

    But really I guess that I am way ahead of the fashion curve. Because of that previously stated height challenge, I have been wearing my jeans like that last picture for a LONG time....lol!

  9. Those are really bad except the last one. I really like the shoes on the last one. I want some shoes that have the piece going up the front of the foot. I think that they are way sexy.

  10. yeah- it's definitely all in the WAY you do it. and in the city here, some of the guys do it- it's awful. hahahah!


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