So I have a little bloggy business to take care of and a little {quite amazing} video for your viewing pleasure this weekend.

Bloggy Business#1......The poll on the right closes in a few hours! I added a little more time because there were so many items 'tied'. If you haven't voted yet....go for it! Monday's post will be the story that goes along with the winning title! Tuesday's post will be the second place winner and so on. I can't wait!

Bloggy Business #2....Sarah from Sarah Lane Studios {spotlighted on my Butterflies blog this last week} has offered 4Kennedy/Butterflies blog stalkers and friends a $50 print credit toward any photo session booked before Valentine's Day 2009 {2/14/09}. If you are needing family or kids photos taken, this is a great offer. Contact her and tell her you saw her here!

And, speaking of the Butterflies blog, I am looking forward to Monday's post on Butterflies. Wait til you see the new little craft I learned last night and seriously HEART now. I am off to buy supplies today to make more, more, more!

And for your viewing pleasure......I saw this yesterday on the lovely Lyndsay's blog {used lovely with great admiration and respect :)} and have not been able to stop thinking about it. Her husband, Wes, caught this amazing act of nature on film and put it to music and it is quite simply....beautiful! Enjoy. It is HERE. {you must turn up your volume}


  1. Would your craft be good for CIA? Have a good wkd!

  2. I have put Sarah Lane Studios on my favorites bar! I can't wait until we've saved up enough to drop some money for amazing portraits... I want to do tehm by this SUmmer... she is amazing. I'm just worried we're not hip enough to look great in her photos!

  3. That video is crazy. It must be exhausting being a bird.

  4. hooray for felting! i woke up the next morning, went straight to the website and ordered a kit. i am happy to have met you!


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