Every couple of weeks we change our radio station in the car. We have been listening to country music lately. There are songs to sing to if you have been dumped. Songs for if you have been cheated on. And songs for if you are madly in love!

Since I have been all 3....dumped, cheated on and am currently madly in love....I am singing at the top of my lungs to all of them! It feels soooo good.

Currently I love Taylor Swift's "Love Story". It makes me think of my own love story with my hubby, which I am thinking I need to write down for my posterity and of course will share here on my blog.

AND......The weekend is here again (somehow to my surprise)... and we will be celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday. She has asked for an apron, and I am excited to make her one and spend some time with her on her special day! Happy Weekend....didn't I just say that a few days ago!


  1. Happy Birthday to your grandma....and I like my country music too....and I'm a huge Toby Keith Fan....could sing his songs for hours....

  2. Ah.....the weekend. I wish I felt more pep in my step. (Oh my gosh, did I just say that? How OLD AM I?)

  3. I am not a country music fan in general but that Love Story song is just the best sing-along song to come around in a while isn't it? So cute. So did your daddy tell your husband to stay away from April? Did they try to tell you how to feel?!
    How long will we have to wait for this story?

  4. HaPPy belated birthday grama!!!


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