I've decided I want to be thin again....as in no "muffin top" thin. It will take some work...some better food choices and some early morning exercise, but I know I will feel better about myself and be able to wear more of the clothes in my closet comfortably.

I think I will start as soon as I finish the 2 - 1/2 gallons of ice-cream that is in my freezer!


  1. Muffin top! If you've got a muffin top, I must have a Costco-sized muffin top.

  2. can we be teammates? I was just thinking "if I only had a walking partner"

  3. Katherine nailed it, thats what I was going to say except I was gonna say if you have a muffin top I must be sporting a bakers dozen!!!

  4. Lol. That's the way I approach eating better too. As soon as I finish that bag of cookies...oh wait, I need to bake some more cookies to warm up the house...as soon as those are gone...oh wait...


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