I have put my little 3 year old nephew's bike helmet on at least 10 times already in the last hour. He is here playing today. Riding scooters, bikes and skateboards. This last time he came running in our conversation went like this....

Kyle: "Auntie April, can you put my helmet on again?"

Me: "Sure, Kyle....but you know what it will cost you right?"

Kyle: "A Tiss?"

Me: "Of course....this will be number 10."

And I got a big ole wet KISS for the 10th time.

{I just heard Blake say "why do you always take off your helmet Kyle?}

I think he likes my tisses! And just so you know....Kyle doesn't like tittys and he doesn't like to touch tittys either! That one had us rolling on the floor a few months back and we still quote him to this day.

It will be a sad day when Kyle can finally say his "K's"!


  1. We haven't had very good luck with titty's at our house. Our titty's have been bad. My son is also allergic to titty's. So we keep our titty's outside. Too funny!

  2. What a great post! I am laughing so hard... my son loves to touch and irritate the titty's, unfortunately. I have my hands full!


  3. Nothing like little boy kisses. I resort to all sorts of means to earn them too :)
    LOL at the tittys

  4. What a lovely post! Thanks for making me smile :)

    Saskia x

  5. Oh no.....poor Kyle! LOL You guys will razz him forever!


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