Now, I'm not saying that Carrie Underwood can't type....but I love the saying above and this was the only picture of a hot chick I could find with somewhat decent clothes on...I warn you don't google "hot chick".

When I see a Hot Chick....I always feel better when I say in my head...."but can she type?"

I was working one day in my home office and the comcast guy was working on the cable. Except he wasn't working...I could feel him staring at me. I finally looked over at him and said, "Can I help you?" His mouth was kind of hanging open and I thought....yeah I know I'm hot! hahaha...Just kidding I didn't....I was actually quite uncomfortable! He said, "You type so fast....I can't believe it?" I said...."you should see my sister type...she's faster!"

So ladies and Elder VS....here it is....a free typing test. My results....84 wpm, 92% accuracy. Go here and take this one minute typing test and then come back and post your score! Challenge ON! And no do-overs...first time score counts. There just might be a prize for the winner!

And next time you see a hot chick....you just put on your high heels, walk around the house and say out loud...."YEAH BUT CAN SHE TYPE?"


  1. ugh! i thought i was better!!! 60 wpm, 73% accuracy....i love this application :-)

  2. I was 94 wpm with 97% accuracy...yep...I beat you!! haha..that was fun. I did the zebra test in 1 minute. and the two words I mispelled were "the" and "and"...imagine that. I have it autocorrected in my computer so it automatically changes for me so that caught me off-guard. That was a fun morning test...and to think it is only 6:45 a.m. Have a fun day.


  3. Wow, my typing skills have slipped right along with my numchuck skills and computer hacking skills. My score was 91 wpm with 93% accuracy. I took the Wizard of Oz one. Fun test!

  4. okay....who are you people?...I thought I was fast..but I suck...59 with 86%....lord I need to post more....practice..practice...

  5. That's alright Noah's Mommy....you MUST be HOT...with a typing score like that...hahaha!

  6. 52 WPM 96% accuracy. But the highlighted words kept being a distraction!


  7. Yeah, I'm not taking that test... mine would read 4 wpm with 25% accuracy...

  8. That's too funny. I don't type nearly as fast as everyone else here...but I can eat pizza, and you can't (to the tune of nana nany boo boo:o) that's what I always say when I see a really hot skinny girl:o)

  9. I would check out www.RankMyTyping.com I think you will like it better.

  10. Oh well.. you got me beat. I was 62% with 89% accuracy. Should have tried it in the morning when I was fresh.

  11. My friend sent me a link to this post because I type pretty fast. Who am I kidding? I type REALLY fast, hahaha. In fact, I have been known to spin around when I'm a room full of unfamiliar company, and say, "Why has no one commented yet?" That's how fast. Also, that's how lame. But it consoles me that I can type at speed, indeed - must...not...dwell...on rhyme - because I may not be able to snowboard...or dance...but BOY can I type the pants off the chickadees who do!

    Loved your post, you witty minx.

    -A girl down under (NZ, if you're askin')

    P.S. Did the test. Happy with my score...but sharing feels like boasting. But not sharing feels like maybe it wasn't so fancy pants. Oh, I assure you it was fancy pants. There I go boasting! Hahaha. 101WPM with inaccuracies taken into account. But really, it was the dirty website addresses in the bottom of the paragraph that garbled my accuracy...dirty, dirty.

    Yup, that's right, No 1 problem with fast typists? We type too much in tiny boxes because it doesn't take us long. So very, very sorry.


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