It was 9:30 pm last night when I decided I was going to muster up enough courage to pull out "the mixer" and use it for the first time. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and was excited to surprise the kids with pumpkin muffins {their favorite} for Friday morning breakfast. I pulled the mixer out into the middle of the counter, got all my ingredients together and then sadly pushed the mixer back to it's spot under the cabinet on the counter.

Imagine my disappointment when the directions called for "fold batter" not "mix batter". I did get to use my new red bamboo spatula though.

Would someone get their butt over here and help me use my mixer! Except not today....not a good day....Kaia has been throwing up since 1:23 am....every 20 minutes until 5:30 am...which means I got no sleep. And, I put my toe through my most favorite pair of jeans this morning while dressing...they were thinning at the knees...I just didn't know they were that thin.


  1. you can fold using the mixer if you use the wire hook attachment instead of the mixer attachment!

  2. I use my mixer alot to make cookies. I also have a pizza dough recipe that I use. I start with my mixing attachment and then switch to my dough hook. I probably don't know what I am doing, but everything seems to turn out OK. I also use my whisk attachment when I make mashed potatoes. Hope your family is feeling better.

  3. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon, the stomach flu has been an epedemic here. My littlest one had it for 7 days...it was horrible! The bug is so bad out here that it literally made the front page of the newspaper. Good luck...ice pops and jello.


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