Target has done it again. They have made my heart go pitter-patter! Stopping in yesterday to buy diapers with the family, I realized HUGE mistake to have the family with me. Target has put out some early spring decor and I just had to get all googly over it and breathe and take it all in for a moment. Too bad my family was standing there with the death stare like can we MOVE ON please!

I managed to purchase a few of the little treasures....but here is a sneak peak of all the springy goodness at Target right now!

Well.....I have searched and searched and searched for all this new springy goodness online in way of pictures....but nothing. I guess it really is a sneak peak actually only at the store. The colors are done up in all hot pink, deep teal and lime green. Lots of damask/toile prints and ruffle/scalloped details and filigree. Just typing it makes my heart all pittery/pattery again. I will keep on the look-out for pictures to post, until then.....take my word for it! Or go run down there yourself to take it all in!


Describes the bread I will be making with my new little Christmas present that I got for free! I hope to write that story over the weekend....I already have the post title "MY OWN BLUE CHIP STAMP STORY!"

AND FUN.......

Facebook....I have been reconnected with old friends from high school, elementary school friends and even dear friends from our Air Force days that we just found last night!

As I type this I am finishing off a bottle of Martinelli's organic sparkling cider straight from the bottle. So cheers to a hip, fresh and fun first weekend in 2009!


  1. Hip fresh and fun - sounds like a good time. LOL I can seriously HEAR the excitement you're getting from Facebook. I think it's great!

  2. Too funny! I asked for Home Depot cards from everyone for Christmas so I could redo our bedroom this spring. AND...I just am getting into the FB thingy too. ACK! Between FB and blogging, seems like life is in a box lately.

    Have a great New Year!


  3. I guess you had to change it from a shot of whipped cream to one of cider... all in the name of the holidays!

  4. It's been too long since I stopped by! I love the way you write!!! Target is one of my favorite stores but it can also be VERY dangerous, lol!

    When you take a break, come on over and register for my awesome jewelry giveaway, ok?

  5. and I like your new look on your blog!
    all those polka dots!
    looks like target on Martinellis


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