**Not necessarily Missionary material** BUT go ahead a read on Elder and Sister VonStetten...I have just been told by my South African friend that those two words are not considered bad and actually used from the pulpit.....Everyone MUST read her comment!

I am torn about the word "Hell." I mean it is a word that describes a certain place so when I say it, I don't necessarily feel like it is a bad word. Usually I judge whether a word is bad or not, by how comfortable I would feel saying that word at church! Good rule, right? It works for me.

So in the shower today I came up with bad word scenario vs. acceptable word scenario. Here goes...

Bad Word: Go to Hell. (well because that is mean...even though the word is used correctly.)

Acceptable use: I'll meet you in Hell. Or Dave saying, "Will you visit me in Hell?" to which I always reply..."of course hunny....but please try to go to heaven with me!"

Bad Word: Why the hell did you do that? (which is not vocalized...but thought of often)

Acceptable use:

Bad Word: Hell no. (which unfortunately is one of our family's favorite...but said in a really funny deep-throated voice, that makes our niece Lauren roll on the floor laughing and almost peeing her pants...what a great Auntie and Uncle we are huh?)

Acceptable use: Hells Yeah. (well because first of all Hells is a different word all together and it is one of our friend's nickname so we often say..."did you see Hells Yeah today?")

Bad Word: Oh...there are too many scenarios to write.....

Acceptable use:

Ok...so I am having a hard time coming up with acceptable uses of the word. And I probably would feel rather uncomfortable saying the word out loud at church...unless I was reading it from the scriptures. But will I stop saying it completely....H.E. double hockey sticks NO....because it is my word. My word that sometimes just feels good to say.....that word and "pissers"....is that a bad word? Maybe I should add to my New Years Resolution list.......I'm just saying.....it would probably do me good.

Sorry if I have offended anyone with this post. I hope you found some humor in it....Now go sing a primary song to get that bad word out of your head.


  1. I have to stop saying a lot of words because I wouldn't want to say them in front of people more worthy than me. I really should start a list of words myself....dang it. Now you have me feeling guilty!

  2. not bad. Dan and I always disagree on this one but I am certain it isnt bad. that or Damn. Either are fine for use in any locale.

  3. In South Africa both "hell" and "damn" are not considered swear words, as in they are said from the pulpit at church (and not in a religious context) like, "damn! it is one hell of a responsibility".

    I say those words in my America based home all the time, since I am of course, South African. When my little girl was 2 she took to saying, "what the ha-il!!??" and I considered stopping, but then I didn't. Call it me clinging to my heritage. If my kids say it themselves now that they are more accountable, they never do in front of me, and I can certainly think of worse things my kids could do.

    When Gabe was 18 months old, I caught him standing on the bathrooom scale looking down at the numbers saying, "Damn! Damn! Damn!" I think he thought that is what you say on the scale.

    I find the whole shock and awe people have for hell and damn rather irritating so I say it extra much just for that. Now that I am YW President I have to reign myself in in public places, although it hurts not to be able to say damn routinely on my blog. So I say it on yours instead.

    Then again, in SA the word "crap" is considered just as bad as that "sh" word, and I say that one freely here too. So I guess I am a swearing Mormon hypocrite.
    Oh well.


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