I was on the phone talking with Stephanie and I was startled! This bird somehow happened into our home through our very tiny doggie door. I think the poor bird was just as startled as I was....but I was for sure making way more noise than the bird. I freaked out....in Stephanie's ear....never getting off the phone. I screamed, ran, screamed some more, got a major case of the goose bumps and continued to scream off and on. I called for Kaia to help get exterior doors open all while this cute little bird was FLYING around our house....at us! I finally took cover in our office, called Dave with the other phone...while Stephanie was still on my other ear....asked him kindly and calmly to come home, only to hear...."not coming home for a bird honey...get a broom and swoosh it out". Stephanie was literally almost peeing her pants listening to my frantic screams...the sheer terror.

The bird then stopped flying around. It hid. So I ventured out into the family room/kitchen looking for the bird...still making funny shrieking noises. It startled me once again when I saw it just sitting on my dining room chair back. It then flew again around at me and landed on my stove. The whole time...I am screaming...on the phone still with Stephanie...and trying to get my darn camera on and focused on the bird sitting on my stove top. Then it took off and did something I was afraid of. It flew from one side of the house to the other...smack into the kitchen window. It stunned the bird and it fell with a thud into my kitchen sink. Just as I was going to go look...it flew up and perched itself on the counter and then....it flew out the back door and sat there on the fence post for about 20 minutes.....recovering!

I am really into birds right now....but let me be clear....not live birds....just bird decor! I hope the bird liked it's visit and I hope it will be very leery the next time it approaches any doggie doors because I did not enjoy the visit!

AND on a side note....I have a husband that talks in his sleep. It isn't as frequent as it used to be...but every once in awhile he gives me a good laugh. A few nights before this bird incident happened, my husband...who was still technically asleep, woke me up in the middle of the night trying to hug me and asked me if I would be his fine-feathered friend. His exact words! And he repeated it more than once. Not sure what he was dreaming about...but it gave me a good laugh!


  1. I thought you loved birds???!!!

  2. Hahahahaha!!! I still laugh at the thought of it!!! It's pretty pathetic that instead of saying, "Are you okay, April?" I was saying, "Take a picture for your blog! Get your camera! Take a picture for your blog!"

  3. April,
    The first visit there is one.
    In a few days there will be two.
    In a week you should have about eight or so...
    By the 20th, you won't be able to see out your windows.
    Rent "The Birds" and watch it with the fam
    All the best
    Elder VS

  4. HELP! I would have freaked too. I don't mind wildlife from afar, but in my house? No way. Try a mouse...like we had the past 2 winters (none this year though). Talk about feeling violated.

  5. Thanks for the laugh...here is one in return..when I was younger we had horses and one night on the way back from the barn a small sparrow flew RIGHT INTO MY MOTHERS CURLY HAIR!! Between the screaming, watching her running around like a FREAK, and laughing I am pretty sure that I did pee myself. In fact I am laughing again just thinking about it!


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