I went to grab my camera late yesterday afternoon to take pictures of the fun party hats that I made for the three birthday boys at the party we were heading off to. I noticed some new pictures on the camera that I hadn't taken. I quickly realized that Kaia, my 11 year old daughter had snapped a few pictures of our Sunday brunch that we made together for our family! She made the pancakes and I made the scrambled eggs. We set the table together.

I love having church a little later in the morning because we do have time to sit and eat breakfast together instead of running out the door with a frozen waffle in hand! Our Sunday morning breakfasts always include place mats and cloth napkins. Kaia did such a great job capturing the table setting this morning. I just wished now that I had transferred the berries from the purple Tupperware bowl to a glass one {it was a last minute addition to the table....for myself...I love berries}! Watch out....we have a blogger in training!

And, here is a sneak peak
of the party hats I made this weekend! They were fun and the end results gave me butterflies....so, you can find the rest of the pictures over here!


  1. I love 'proper' Sunday breakfasts too.

    Those hats are fabulous!

    Saskia x

  2. You are seriously too crafty. I think visiting blogs like yours gives me a serious mommy-inferiority complex. LOL

  3. Love your table setting. The fresh fruit looks delicious!

  4. Those are really cute and I love your orange juice carafe :)


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