I'M READY! Bring on the resolutions, bring on the new year!

We had a fun time last night at our party. Here are a few pictures of the food, the kids playing rock band and the adults playing rock band....even Dave's mom joined in as our lead singer!


  1. My,my... that last picture... who are you wearing??? It's an original April Kennedy? It's Maawwwvalous, dahhhling!

  2. OK....I am still trying to recover from last night. That was a fun time. I think Bingo was my favorite...hahaha Kyle is wondering when we are going to do fireworks...I told him next year!! Thanks for a fun time. Talk to ya soon.

  3. Glad to see you had so much fun! Kimball's family returned home and I rang in the new year by folding my mountain of laundry that I finally washed. Boring, I know...but I did get to hear the neighbor's fireworks!

  4. Happy New Year! Man I wish Brock and I could of partied with you guys. Looks like a fun time. And I know if we were there the fun wouldn't of stopped!!!

  5. OOHHHHH We missed a great time! We had a fun night but should have stopped by after the movie (Marley & Me - sob sob).

    Mom & Dad

  6. omg- you're too adorable!!!! what a great time you guys had!!!


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