Here it is....aprons on display!

I have sold 9 aprons in 2 days and have been sewing and sewing and sewing. I haven't even had a chance to post them on etsy yet. Here is one that sold right after I completed it!

I took a picture of it because I wanted to remember the fabric combo to make more of this sweet paisley one. Although I do try to make each one just a little bit different to keep them somewhat unique! I have two more to make today for teachers' gifts for tomorrow and then I can relax a bit unless a spot opens up this weekend in our local craft fair....which I am trying to get in to, if that happens then I will be sewing all weekend at the actual craft fair!

If you see one you like hanging above, let me know and I can take pictures for you and put it on etsy. Right now...I'm off to sew! Tomorrow...I'm hoping to have a little something fun for you to watch over the weekend! Merro Fistus {my pronounciation of Merry Christmas when I was young....which I still say regularly}!


  1. I love the Santa one and the ice skating girls!

  2. If I cooked more, an apron would be GREAT! LOL Maybe I should GET the apron in order to prompt me to cook? Hmmm...

  3. Tooj....I wear mine strictly as an accessory! Well...and to wipe my hands on instead of the sides of my jeans!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Well done! I'm sure you will have to start a little sweat shop to keep up with demand once word gets out.
    Hey send me your mailing address won't you? And Lynnette Seibert's too :)

  5. This looks amazing, April! Good luck with the show.


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