I cut bangs! After 10 years of pretty much having the same hairstyle it was time for a change. Kaia cut bangs about a month ago when she decided, after observing the hollywood stars, that bangs were coming back. I followed suit and I actually feel quite sassy. They are not layered side bangs....they are the eyelash hitting straight across bangs that scream.....sex kitten....either that or 3rd grader! Dave says it reminds him of high school. I'll take that...anything to look a little younger!


  1. I love my bangs. They really do make you look sexy. Arrr.

  2. Last hair cut I had she tried bangs (I let her decide what I'm doing)...and I can't do it. I hate having the upkeep, to be honest. LOL And I'm a no-nonsense hair outta my face kind of person. My husband would probably like a little sex kitten hair style, but he can have that other ways...no bangs! LOL

  3. Picture? Come on! You can't blog about a new hair style and then not post a pic!! ;-) Let's see 'em!!

    I am trying to decide whether to keep my current hairstyle (love it and hate it), or go with something new...... so maybe seeing yours will sway me one way, or the other.....

  4. Where's the picture??? I have nominated you for the Lemonade Award. So come and read all about it :) Can't wait to see the sex kitten/school-girl. That sounds way more kinky then I would like it to.


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