1. Dress up in warm clothes and blinking red noses, climb in back of our decorated {with lights and tinsel} open trailer with all our extended family and carol to our friends around Napa.

2. Enjoy edibles, drinkables and of course, merriment at our wonderful neighbors Christmas party.

3. Finish our shopping list, which somehow grew from yesterday to today.

4. Start the wrapping frenzy so hubs and I can enjoy Christmas Eve with hot chocoate and a movie once children fall asleep.

5. Enjoy this beautiful Christmas season.

AND here is a picture of "the flocked tree" that we are ever so carefully avoiding.

definitely click picture to enlarge for full effect of "flocking"


  1. I love your tree!!! I can imagine that it would be hard to keep the flocking on the tree though!
    Have a fun weekend!

  2. Sounds like the best kind of weekend! Enjoy it all :)

  3. WOW- it looks totally worth it- so cool! i've never seen one like that. have a great time!!!

  4. What a beautiful tree! Sounds like you are going to have a busy, but fun, weekend!

  5. I sure hope you can bring the carolers to our house. I totally understand if it's too far thought. We'll even invite you all in for some hot apple cider and appetizers. Will that help?


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