MY DAD! *Dad, you better read this...it IS your birthday card!

Today is my dad's birthday! He is one of the hardest working men I know. The man starts when the sun goes up and often doesn't stop until his flashlight batteries die late into the night. Last year, we even bought him a head lamp for his late night puttering. Whether he is working at his tire shop, in his yard, on his house, on one of his kids' house, on someones car, at the church........he always has a spring to his step. And, it is just not a spring! He has a fast walk. One that would put most people to shame. He walks with determination, enthusiasm and with an eye toward service. He is a kind and loving man. He is an honest man. He is tender man. He is my DAD and I am proud to be his daughter.

Happy Birthday, DAD! I love you.


And, since this really IS your birthday card ---- This card is good for one lunch with your daughter and two grandchildren, up at the shop, sitting down! You can redeem anytime the week of December 15th (as long as our schedule permits!!!)! Love ya!


  1. What a sweet card....and I love the redeemable lunch....Happy Birthday April's Dad.....

  2. April,
    Thank you for the birthday card and the nice words. I love you too. You can come up any day next week and I will throw Shari`s lunch away! Love Dad

  3. Your Dad is really cool. He does everything 100% plus! He is a great example in our ward. Maybe he'll be the next Bishop. As your brother always says...just wear a polo shirt to church for awhile...that will take care of it!
    It cracks me up that he will throw your Mom's lunch away to have lunch with you. What a Dad!


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