SUZIE OR BETTY....as in Molly Mormon, Suzie Homemaker or Betty Crocker!

Somehow with all the year-end hubbub that comes with owning your own business, I managed to make homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade bread for dinner Sunday night all while wearing a cute apron.....go figure!

My family even liked it! It was my first time making both items and I was thrilled that it was a success. A whole loaf of warm bread was eaten and the soup broth got eaten up a little faster than the soup. That's OK though...it makes left overs look 'hearty'.

I'm working on New Years goals this week. How about you?

Happy Monday!


  1. wow....you did an amazing job...the bread came out awesome...

  2. hey thats funny! i bet my mom saw your blog because my dad is making homemade bread and homemade chicken noodle soup tonight for din din!! way to go april!


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