about the time my sweet hubby tried to make my day brighter?

{this is one of my favorite pictures of my favorite boys}

Blake, our little guy, is seen by doctors regularly {as in every three-six months} at the UCSF Spina Bifida clinic. It is a long day for all of us and usually an emotional day for me. It reminds me where we are with Blake, what our challenges are, and what I should be doing more of {specifically staying on top of his bowel program...which I hate doing....and so does he}. Hubs knows that the drive home is usually a teary one for me.

Two visits ago hubby did some 'research' on the internet. He told me not to cheat and peek at what he was Googling. I didn't. When we left UCSF, Hubs took a different route home. We happened upon a street in San Francisco filled with gorgeous little boutiques. Hubs had done his research and found two stores that sold ridiculously over-priced designer jeans that I love. We went in, and although I didn't necessarily feel like forking over the dough for jeans that evening, Hubs encouraged me to buy a great pair of Joe's Jeans.

Can I tell you that one year later they are still my fave! Not just because of the way they fit, but because every time I put them on I am reminded of my sweet hubby who was so thoughtful that day. Not only did he endure the shopping that evening with a smile and a cranky little boy....he planned it and encouraged it. I love him.

He is actually making this WEEK brighter for me too. I have a very busy week this week. I am trying to get ready for a little craft fair Wednesday night and actually have something going on each night this week...it comes with the season...so I hate complaining about it. He is being so helpful and even offering to stay up late with me while I sew. Today, he is actually making me a stand with hooks to display my aprons on. I can't wait to post a picture of the completed project. So, not only do I love him and get to kiss him goodnight and cuddle with him....oh yeah...sorry...got lost in the thought of loving him....I also think he ROCKS and I'm glad he is mine forever....most days!


  1. what a sweet man!! extra points for the off-the-beaten-path treat. good luck this week with your craft fair :)

  2. That's really sweet. What a great hubby.

  3. u have urself some awful sweet guys in ur life!!! that's for sure! that little dude is precious...oh and what a smile! u r a lucky lady...but u know that. thanks for coming by my blog. :)

  4. Glad to see that you have someone that treats you the way you deserve to be treated. In this day & age that says alot!

  5. What a sweet hubby you have! Taking you shopping for awesome jeans? That is so sweet! Little Blake looks so precious in this picture as well. I really love the blonde hair.

  6. That's very thoughtful. Hang onto that fella. :)


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