We had a fun-filled weekend and here are the pictures to prove it!

The caroling trailer with lights and music!

Self-portrait of the Kennedy Family Carolers!

The Christmas party would not be complete without a visit from Santa!

Nor would it be complete without the ornament exchange!

I was looking for something this year that would be a little outrageous. I found this white clip-on bird ornament with, no joke, a foot long tail. Uncle Mike {pictured with me and my new bangs} picked my bag first with this fine feathered friend in it! I was thrilled. Would you believe it if I told you it was stolen three times and Mike won it on the third steal! It was a hoot!


  1. look how cute your bangs are!! nicely done! okay- that caroling caravan looks like so much fun. we dont' do antyhign like that here in the city- i've never seen it before! awesome.

  2. Looks like it was a blast...the best way to spend the holidays....and love the bangs

  3. I saw you at church on Sunday with your bangs. They look awesome!!!

  4. You guys are such a great family!
    and I love the bangs on both of you, like you two needed to look anymore like each other LOL!

  5. so dang cute April! It really isn't fare that no matter what you do you look beautiful!!!!


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