It is truly the most wonderful time of the year....but I do still feel like screaming. Out loud. And venting.

Today is the first day of our 3 week winter break. 3 weeks...you say? YES...3 weeks. And to have it start a whole week before Christmas week is challenging. If you live in the Napa Valley Unified School District, like we do, you get to enjoy 3 weeks of winter break. It wasn't my choice, I'd prefer the week off in summer that they took from us. You see, our community is made up of a lot of Mexicans (not used in negativity...that is what they are...they are from Mexico...hence Mexicans). Some are afraid to use the word Mexicans so they use Hispanics. But I checked with my cleaning lady, my sweet Marissa, and she said Mexicans was completely acceptable.

So the Mexicans take off each December to go visit their families in Mexico. I'm all for families and visiting them, but the problem was, as they took their children out of school the school was losing thousands of dollars a day the whole month of December and into January. The school board had a brilliant idea to have our school district start school a week earlier in the SUMMER and take a third week off during the winter break so they wouldn't lose all that money. I'm not BITTER -- I promise.

Actually when the third week has fallen on the first week of January I have loved that third week off. We are able to go on a little vacation while everyone else is back in school....but this year....the week of December 15th. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

This week should be MY week to get everything organized for Christmas. To get the last of my shopping done, with no kids. Wrap presents, with no kids. Have lunch with my girlfriends, with no kids. But I HAVE KIDS this week and have to deal with it. Poor timing School District leaders. Of course they are loving it. A whole week off before Christmas to get all their shopping/check lists completed. They probably don't have kids!

On a positive note...because I would never not take the opportunity to make my day brighter...we did have a lazy morning this morning and at 12:15 pm I have just finished making crepes for my kids for brunch. They were yummy. I had crepes with my powdered sugar, just like I have hot chocolate with my whipped cream. Yummy again. Another bright side...Kaia is 11 and I do believe that she is the perfect age to start practicing babysitting her little brother while I run some quick errands around town. She is excited for this opportunity and takes it very seriously.

We are planning on staying home most of the day today, although I do need to go grocery shopping, with kids and I AM cursing the school district!


  1. Okay...see...I would TRY and feel your pain, but for us working moms, we don't understand where you're coming from. LOL I wake up to kids, I go to work without the opportunity to wrap presents, shop for presents, or hide presents, and then I go home to kids, fixing dinner, baths, and bed. At which point I gotta figure out when the shopping gets done...let alone the wrapping. LOL

  2. LOL you crack me up. I can't believe your husband says that to you! (have I mentioned I've said that to my hubby when he's been home with the kids one day??) I'm awful.

    I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was totally jealous of your scrapbooking weekend. The getting away, the scrapping, the late nights, the female friends....all of it.

    You know what's crazy? I have to find daycare for my kids when the DAYCARE is closed!!!! Seriously....I need insurance on daycare, so that I can get a rental.

  3. I don't blame you for being bugged. Who wants more time off in winter if it means taking away from your summer?! Not Cool!

  4. OK this is exactly how I feel. I just need to cut and paste this to MY BLOG LOL! one day down 20 something to go ughhh!!! I have been christmas shopping last minute ONLINE and paying for fast shipping cause I cannot shop this week without the kids.....
    It is freezing outside (ok for those of you who live outside of california, it is freezing for us! LOL) so they cannot play outside and my husband works night shifts and sleeps during the day, so try and keep a 4 and 6 year old quiet during the day when they are going stir crazy...this is going to be the longest break EVER!!!!
    I bet the weather is great in Mexico (no, no bitterness here either).
    BTW I was out shopping last week (when they kids WERE IN SCHOOL) and I found something that totally reminded me of you so I picked it up for you. We need to hook up soon so I can give it you K!
    Ok gotta run and check my stickles....I made another banner tonight LOL.
    if you think of anything good to do with your kids during the break that is CHEAP pass the info on, I need ideas!!!!!

  5. oh dear. that just isn't cool. BUT, like you said- it's tik for kaia to come into the blessed world of babysitting. ahhhh, the power- i remember it well. it's gonna all go very smoothly for ya, you'll see! and starting things off with crepes- just insures it! good luck!

  6. It SUCKS! Right along with the freezing RAIN!

  7. Ok, I want to know why they all choose to leave at the same time, each December? Strange. But yes, I can see how is messes a lot up! Eeek!


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