This year for Christmas we have adopted another family's idea of letting each child pick a "want, need, wear and read" as gifts they would like to ask for. Kaia hemmed and hawed for a moment but quickly came up with her list. Of course, being MY daughter, for her "wear" item she requested Abercrombie and "layered" items (tank, t-shirt, sweatshirt, scarf) which I thought was creative! She is going for the total package. And I actually completed it with a pair of shoes. I mean only 4 gifts was hard for me too!

Blake on the other hand
wants nothing to do with the "wear" item! In fact....his items are all wants with the exception of one.....he NEEDS a back scratcher. He tells us all the time that he needs a back scratcher. I don't know why it gives me the giggles, but it does. And he is so serious when asking for it. I had forgotten this request while on my shopping expeditions and now am searching for the cutest back scratcher for his "need" gift! I'm not even sure how he knows about back scratchers...it's not like we have one here at the house, although once he gets it, I'm sure we will all be searching for it at some point or another to reach THAT spot that we just can't get! Happy back scratching, Blake. If I can't come through...I'm sure Santa can!

P.S. After Kaia and I had our little "talk" in our car last week or so, the very next day at Target, I found the cutest t-shirt with an old-fashion Santa on it that said "I believe" in black sparkly lettering. I bought it and wrapped it up in a bow and left it on her "seat" in the car. When she got in the car from school that day she found her gift, opened it, smiled at me and is wearing it proudly!


  1. If Blake NEEDS a back scratcher, go to www.backscratcherworld.com. They have a ton of quality scratchers to choose from...and they ship fast and easy. Hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. I love the I believe shirt...great idea....

  3. Bed Bath a& Beyond has cute little silverb ackscratchers. I bought 2 of them as gifts myself!

  4. Really April, the best place to go for a back scratcher is China Town in the City. You said you want to go to SF, so let's go and get you a back scratcher! They may not be the coolest looking, but for sure they're the cheapest. Plus, how many kids can say that they have a back scratcher from China Town!?! Good luck.

  5. Oh, and who knew there was a whole website dedicated to back scratcher!?! Crazy!

  6. I love the idea of 'want, need, wear and read' FABULOUS! It makes you explore each aspect of self that needs to be nurtured.


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