THAT I AM A STAY AT HOME MOTHER and find myself at the grocery store at 5:00 pm, Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving....baking a pumpkin cheesecake at 11:30 pm... when I have had all week to prepare....during the day....while everyone else was at work! I really need to be twittering.

While at the store today to buy my favorite body lotion the sales lady said, "Do you need a bag?" I replied, "No, thank you." She said, "Going green, huh?" I replied, "Of course." I was really in a hurry and didn't want to wait...but the 'going green' part sounded good...so I went along. Should have been twittered.

I just ate two Oreo mint chocolate cookies and 4 Andes mint candies....tummy feeling a little sick now....this should be twittered too.

Just opened the spice 'ground cloves' and the smell brought me back to my high school years at the Kazbah dance club where everyone except me 'the wavers' smoked Cloves cigarettes! I DO NEED TWITTER. Just to record my random thoughts each day!


  1. I beg your pardon! I believe I would have been with you at the Kazbah many of those times and a clove cigarette never touched my lips! But I certainly remember how utterly cool those who did 'thought' they were. So gross!! I'd forgotten about that place...too funny!

  2. are you trying to convince yourself to jump on the twitter train?? hahahh! i have to investigate exactly what that is... but i'm cracking up at the wednesday 5pm market run! yikes.


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