A weekend full of lots of fun.....

First, Twilight Party Details......We had a blast, had good food, fun trivia, and great fans. Here are the pics.....

the decorations

the cake....Red Velvet...yum

Stephanie, the winner of the trivia!

craziest fan...Megan....replacing Bella

Second, we went to IKEA on Saturday. We found some great office furniture for our new office/shop space for Kennedy Construction! Can't wait for it to all come together....for cheap....cuz we went to IKEA. But our favorite part of our IKEA trip was sitting in the 523 sq ft home display for 30 minutes...sitting on the couch and welcoming everyone who was shopping and browsing to our home! It was actually quite funny. What was even funnier was when people would walk through, and we were still sitting on the couch, they would comment what a nice house we had and that it had great space planning. We would say, "Thank you...we love it too!" Finally, someone wanted to try-out the couch and we had to get up....but boy were we amazed at how much fit into that small space....and actually felt rather spacious. Hubs and I sat on the couch dreaming that this was our little cottage...first, in the Lake Tahoe, second, at the beach...San Clemente or Pacific Grove....and third, in Hawaii! Dreaming is fun!

And, last, but definitely not least....I got a bloggy award from a pretty amazingly fun blogger herself. Noah's Mommy at Project Mommyhood gave me this sweet little award. Thank you.

I am looking forward to this week of Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to concentrating this week on the things I am thankful for. I am looking forward to those things consuming my thoughts. Feeling thankful brings such a kind sweet feeling to my heart, makes me feel blessed for even the little things and brings such happiness to my life. I can't think of anything else I would want to contemplate on this week. Go be thankful!


  1. Your party looks AWESOME...and so theme inspired...and Ikea...would have loved to see that...I wonder how many thought...hmmm...interesting....and you are so welcome...and I'm blushing...have a fabulicious turkey day....

  2. omg- your party looked like it was so much fun!! and what a niec day after in your ikea house- hahahha!

  3. Wow the craziest fan is a lot cuter than Bella. She would be such a better match for Edward.

    The party was awesome.

  4. April - you are funny. I can imagine you sitting on that couch and welcoming everyone. It's something my husband would do.

    I love your party idea. I didn't get to do the whole party thing with Dan gone but maybe I'll steal your idea for the sequel. Can't wait til that movie comes out. Saw the first one tonight and .... swooning... Loved it!!

  5. Did you leave me the Twilight posters? Thanks you! I love them. That was so nice of you. Thanks again.

  6. Ohhhh. Looks like the party was fun. Tell Megan, you go girl! You didn't say much you loved the movie. Did you love it.

  7. Wish I could've come to the party! We had a pretty nice one up here on Bella's B-day!! Ha ha!


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