Two kids home from school....one with a fever...one *cough, clearing throat* swears he has a sore throat. He'll probably end up with a fever by end of day anyways...so I went with the sore throat and let him stay home...he jumped up and down....that sick! Thankful....well....this should be some of my alone time, but we have had a lazy Monday morning!

I am so wanting to start Christmas....decorating, wrapping, shopping...but I am seriously not wanting to rush Thanksgiving. I found this quote today while blog stalking and it put me right where I needed/wanted to be this week.

"May gratitude continue to take over your heart -- crowding out worry, fear, jealousy, envy, hate and the litany of other useless emotions."

Awww...that feels good. I'm pondering it. And, I am thankful again for many things. Even one sick and one not-so-sick kid crowding my personal space today!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear that!

  2. Dropping by from SISTas~ we've been travelling that path of "almost illness", which is really aggravating right before a holiday :-S Hope everyone gets healthy quick :-)

  3. Having a thankful heart can change so many negative things. What a great quote.

  4. Hope they get better soon! All that last minute Thanksgiving shopping to do!!!


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