I forgot a picture...my favorite one in fact. Sunday night, all day Monday and Tuesday everything was "thumbs up" for Hubs. I couldn't resist making fun of it the rest of the trip!

For example...."Hey Dave, how was the ride?"

Or...."Hey guys, how was your weekend?"

It was so nice to see thumbs up the rest of the trip. I definitely should have taken advantage of it though...as in "Hey Dave, can I buy a new purse?...or can I go on a shopping spree?....or can I have an all day spa day?...or how about that Mercedes?"

I just would have had to tape his mouth shut in order to get the "thumbs up"! Love you Hubs.....tons! And really....I don't mind tucking in your shirt, buttoning your pants, tying your shoes, wiping your ......oh yeah.....you can still do that one by yourself....thank goodness! In sickness and in health...or for us it should have said....in broken or in whole....I'll always be there for you! Love you!


  1. More injuries??? Ok, I forbid you all from riding dirt bikes. :)

  2. LOL
    That was pretty funny! You totally should have taken advantage of that thumb's up!!


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