This is the month of 'Thanksgiving' and it leads very quickly to Christmas....both beautiful holidays. Today I am thankful for my SISTER. I love every minute we get to spend together and wish there were more 'minutes'.

this was then....check out now below!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. That is sooooo sweet of you. Thank you. I am so thankful for you too! I love how we can laugh together and cry together....but can always have fun together! You actually can get me to do some things I would never have done....like Halloween! Thanks for the memories you have helped make. You are a wonderful sister, friend, auntie, mom, and wife!
    Love, Jill

  2. Wow, how sweet. :) I have two sisters, but they are twins and I think they have one another. I'm not jealous, I'm happy they do...they 8 years younger and have helped each other through lots. Today I'll be thankful for my husband. it's only 10:15am and he's already had to talk me off the ledge from grumpy-itis.

  3. Very sweet! Love the photos.

  4. Your sister is really cool. She was my "ditch the stake dance friend". She is a great Mom and has some pretty funny stories.
    Thank goodness for sisters.

    I think today I am thankful for ant killer.

  5. I think I missed out, because I never had a sister! However,I am thankful for my brothers.

  6. And I am thankful for two daughters who grew up to be friends! Love you both.


  7. I love those pictures! You and Jill are soo cute!

  8. Aww!
    PS-stopped over at your blog cuz you were the first commenter on SiTS today!

  9. i am so thankful for my brothers. my baby brother is my absolute best friend. in fact, i think i gotta go email him :)


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