Kaia got her report card in the mail. She got an amazing 4.0! Way to go...first year of middle school and she is loving it.

We took her here to celebrate!
One of our favorite pizza joints! I am drooling just thinking of their Pesto Pizza. We had a nice evening celebrating her honor student status!
And so as not to leave out Blake....he is getting ready to lose his very first tooth. It has been barely hanging in there for three days now. We have tried everything to try to get him to let us just pull it out, but he wants no part in it. I'm sure there will be a picture soon of him holding his tooth fairy money and his first little baby tooth!
And...while I am trying not to rush through Thanksgiving to get to Christmas...and I am trying to consider my blessings and things I am thankful for this week...can I just tell you, I am thankful for my new Christmas blog banner that I'm hoping to post the day after Thanksgiving and I am thankful for the talented Lyndsay for designing such cute holiday ones. Oh I am thankful, thankful, thankful!


  1. i love pizza my heart. i use to go to the one in Santa Cruz all the time...booo for moving here.

    YAY for the good grades and loose teeth!

  2. Way to go Kaia!!
    Where's the local Pizza my Heart?
    Good luck Blake...I hope the Tooth Fairy brings you lots of money!

  3. mmmm now my heart wants pizza! wtg on the honor roll and jiggle jiggle that tooth away!!!

    omg- i don't think i'd be able to get away with scrapping and camping- hahahah! ugh- i was so mad that i didn't do much that day- hahah! i did, however, drink too much wine with mr. magpie's momma...

  4. Awesome, Kaia! That is so cool...a 4.0! And Blake...hang in there. That tooth will make it's way out, then the toothfairy will make her way to your house. YIPEE! My kids aren't fans of having them pulled either. They get SO loose, that they have been known to swallow them while eating their breakfast. SAD.

  5. I remember my daughter didn't lose her first tooth until third grade. She was the last one to lose her first tooth. She was happy to finally lose it!
    Congrats Kaia, that isa huge accomplishment!

  6. Yeah, where's Pizza My Heart?!! Your Cmas banner is cute!!

  7. Pizza My Heart is in Emeryville on Bay street! Anyone want to go shopping?!

    Santa Cruz is our favorite though...with Monterey as a close second...for atmosphere obviously...surf towns...pizza's all the same though at anyone...YUMMY!

  8. Kaia - We are proud of you, yes we are proud of you!! Sound familiar April?
    Blake, I know your tooth finally came out this evening. Way to go -on your way to being rich and famous! When your mommy lost her first tooth the Toothfairy left her one shiny dime.
    Love you both ~
    Grandma Shari


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