THESE....ARE MY FRIEND! Hubs had planned a dirt bike trip to Baja in January 2006. The cost of the trip $300. For some reason I was feeling I was owed my own $300 luxury, which usually isn't the case, but for this trip to Mexico without me...I was feeling due. I had my eyes on these at J. Crew, and although they were $200 {$100 shy of what was 'owed' to me} I felt they would make me feel EVEN! I had never spent that much money on a pair of shoes before, but I can tell you now that I would do it again.
HERE are five reasons why....

1. They felt like slippers on day one. By far the most comfortable ballet flat yet. I wore them for the first time to the mall and didn't get one blister.

2. After three years of wearing them....often.....they still look really good. The 'fur' lays down nicely still and they could pass as "still looks new". Just don't look at the souls!

3. They dress up a pair of jeans nicely and did I mention that they are so comfortable.

4. I can wear them all day and not have any pain in the arch of my right foot....unlike flip flops or anything else flat.

5. I get a compliment EVERY TIME I wear them....even three years old!

SO, I am in need of a pair of black ballet flats {or in the black color family}. Imagine my delight when I saw that J. Crew is having a sale on all regularly priced shoes. I have my eyes on these now!


  1. OOOOooooh, sooo cute! I love a good ballet slipper. Especially if they're comfortable! I have a pair of metallic pink snake skin that hurt really bad, but you better believe I still wear them! Love the new pair!

  2. LOL Great justification for getting them...I think tit for tat is a great concept when used appropriately (see: used for your benefit). My friend's hubby calls things like this "marriage collateral". You let your partner do something, and you have built collateral. Way to cash it in!

  3. Wow, those are pricey! You go!

    All my shoes are Born, but they aren't quite that pricey but I love their comfort. I'm mad right now because I cna't find a black pair that I like that fit me well. Had the same trouble last year and bought brown dress shoes. But I don't own anything to go with them, all my pants, and skirts are black. I can only wear them with the one pair of jeans I own.


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