Conversation with Offender #2 {Hubs}

Hubs: waking me up yesterday morning..."are my clothes on the floor really going to disappear today if I leave them here....?"

Me: "maybe...."

Hubs: "But there is no room in the laundry bin for darks"....while scratching his head trying to decide what to do.

Me: "I'll let it slide today.....because I do need to do laundry." {three loads still on my to-do list}

Hubs: "Phew."

I giggled as I rolled over and went back to sleep! Public offenders #1 and #3 did OK yesterday....today will be the true test!


  1. How sweet that he asks. My hubby leaves a trail of clothes behind him any and everytime he changes clothes. btw, LOVE your music. ;)

  2. Okay, saw that you commented after me over at SITS and I HAD to come say hello because I am an apron FANATIC!

    I've got to go check them out now!


  3. Ok,did you really tell your husband that his clothes would disapear if he didn't pick them up?

    Too funny!


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